Nature Quest

Activity #19

Wild Writing

This activity is about using nature and the outdoors to inspire a piece of writing.
The world around us is so inspiring. Take time to notice and be captivated by the beauty of what is all around you.

Did you know
many of the Psalms in the Bible are inspired by the wonders of nature?

  • Paper and pens
  • You could create a journey stick which can be used to retell your journey later (see below).

1. Go outside into the natural world, either on a visit or a nature walk or just spend some time in your school grounds. Take some time to look, listen and experience the nature around you.

2. If you’d like to create a journey stick collect a stick around 1 metre long and attach items from your journey to it by wrapping wool around it e.g. leaves or seeds from trees, something red to represent a red-breasted bird you saw, how could you represent the sun?

3. Use this ‘stick map’ to inspire your writing back in class. Write a poem, story or a reflective account of your experience.

Sites in Harare where you could do this activity:

  • Mukuvisi Woodlands
  • Haka Park
  • Monavale Vlei

Other sites:

  • Hillside dams, Bulawayo
  • Cecil Kop, Mutare
  • Gosho Park, Marondera

Or anywhere wild close to your school.


Scavenger Hunt

Split the class into groups and hand them each a scavenger hunt card with a list of stuff they need to go and find. There are various lists you can use such as:

1. Something round
2. Something pointed
3. Something smooth
4. Something rough
5. Something man-made
6. Something shiny
7. Something old
8. Something colourful
9. Something useful
10. Something soft

Or you could base it on the alphabet. Try and encourage the groups to find something different for each one.


Can you name 5 authors who were particularly inspired by nature? Did they have a particular focus for their writing? What was their writing style? Who is your favourite and why?

Don’t forget to email or send us photos/drawings/writing to or to demonstrate you’ve completed this activity.

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