Environmental Education

BirdLife Zimbabwe runs an exciting environmental education and awareness programme for schools. Through this, BirdLife Zimbabwe seeks to enhance learners’ appreciation of climate change, wetlands, birds and biodiversity, and to enhance environmental conservation by using birds as indicators for biodiversity conservation and to build an environmentally conscious young generation.

Schools that are part of the BirdLife Zimbabwe Education Programme participate in some of the following activities:

  • Educational talks in schools centred on Climate Change, Wetlands,
  • Birds and Biodiversity and Migratory Birds.
  • Educational walks/Field visits to Monavale Vlei Ramsar Site, Lake Chivero Ramsar Site and Mukuvisi Woodlands Nature Reserve and Environment Centre.
  • Art Competitions and Quizzes.
  • Tree planting and Clean-up exercises.

Research has shown that children learn best through getting outside and experiencing nature first hand. This project therefore seeks to engage schools in a positive manner and foster environmental stewardship within young people and empower them to make a difference both now and in the future. The project seeks to engage with as many children as possible, instilling a love of nature from an early age.

Keeping Common Birds Common