Lilian’s Lovebirds

Lilian’s Lovebirds (Agapornis liliane)
Status: Near Threatened (IUCN)

These are small parrots endemic to Africa, mostly found in Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe they are mostly found within the restricted range of the Zambezi basin, an Important Bird Area. There are greatest numbers on protected areas such as Mana Pools and least numbers in unprotected communal areas. The species in Zimbabwe specifically favours Mopane woodlands, Acacia woodlands, riverine thickets and grass cover for roosting, breeding and foraging.

Threats to the species

  • Destruction of habitats by humans using mopane and acacia trees for energy and clearing for crops
  • Burning of grasslands
  • Informal trade and trapping for their extrinsic value and meat
  • Poisoning by farmers protecting small grains crops
  • Poisoning waterholes can kill large numbers

Actions put in place to curb these threats

  1. Assessment of population sizes and trends to create a baseline for present and future conservation
  2. Determining and mapping distribution of key habitat and landscape features to secure favourable habitats
  3. Providing mitigation measures to climate change and increase in human populations
  4. Education awareness on the importance of species and their habitats

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