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..The mission of BirdLife Zimbabwe promotes the survival of bird life and biodiversity in Zimbabwe and elsewhere for both its intrinsic value and the enjoyment of future generations. Biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services – our natural capital – must be preserved as the foundations for a sustainable future for us all.

The objectives of BirdLife Zimbabwe are:

To save species

To identify, conserve and champion key sites for birds and other biodiversity and ensure they are effectively integrated into flyways and wider landscapes

To address systemic drivers of the biodiversity and climate crises

To engage, influence and mobilise people to support conservation and contribute to a just, equitable, rights-based society where Nature is fundamental to our wellbeing

Science: BirdLife science will serve as a prime source of evidence to influence and drive conservation collaborating to achieve a nature positive

Partnership: BirdLife will be a strong network of sustainable, independent, national civil society conservation organisations

BirdLife Zimbabwe was founded in 1951 as the Rhodesian Ornithological Society (ROS), at independence in 1980, it became the Ornithological Society of Zimbabwe. In the late 1990s, it transitioned to become a membership-based not-for-profit Nature Conservation organisation and registered as a local PVO (PVO no. 7/91).

In 2002, BirdLife Zimbabwe became the BirdLife International partner in Zimbabwe.

BirdLife International is a global partnership of conservation organisations with a focus on the conservation of birds and other biodiversity. The partnership works together on shared priorities, policies and programmes of conservation action, exchanging skills, conservation gains and information exchange. By being a Partner of BirdLife International, BirdLife Zimbabwe has opportunities to work through an international alliance with similar objectives to improve bird and biodiversity conservation at local, national and international levels.
BirdLife Zimbabwe is also a member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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BirdLife Zimbabwe physical location: 
35 Clyde Road, Eastlea, HARARE, ZIMBABWE

Tel: (+263-24) 2481496

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