BirdLife Zimbabwe’s Conservation Programmes

Why not join a bigger effort to clean up green spaces, here are some options for you to consider:

Programme 1 – Preventing Extinctions
Programme 2 – Important Birds and Biodiversity Areas/Key Biodiversity Areas
Programme 3 – Migratory Birds and Flyways
Programme 4 – Woodlands
Programme 5 – Wetlands
Programme 6 – Climate Change
Programme 7 – Invasive Alien Species
Programme 8 – Local Engagement and Empowerment
Programme 9 – Capacity Development
Programme 10 – Policy & Advocacy
Programme 11 – Avitourism

BirdLife Zimbabwe’s conservation programmes are as follows:

Preventing Extinction Programme

BirdLife Zimbabwe’s Preventing Extinctions Programme is dedicated to the conservation of indigenous bird species and aims to ensure that the main pressures facing Zimbabwe’s threatened birds and their habitat are adequately addressed through the identification and implementation of conservation actions, based on science-based research and monitoring. Where needed, sound scientific research and/or monitoring are undertaken on a selected number of threatened terrestrial birds in order to determine reasons for their conservation status and measures needed to reverse negative population trends.
Important Birds and Biodiversity Areas (IBA)/Key Biodiversity Area Programme

BirdLife Zimbabwe’s IBA/KBA Programme aims to conserve IBA/KBAs in Zimbabwe, through better management, threat mitigation, development of livelihood opportunities for local communities. A cornerstone of the programme has been mitigating threats (e.g. habitat loss, habitat degradation and habitat mismanagement) to IBA/KBAs.

Local Engagement and Empowerment Programme

Community engagement through use of participatory methods to actively promote awareness for implementation of conservation needs among Important Bird & Biodiversity Area/Key Biodiversity Area and ecologically sensitive area communities and implement sustainable livelihood investments that are economically sound.

Policy and Advocacy Programme

BirdLife Zimbabwe’s Policy and Advocacy programme, seeks to influence the strengthening and enforcement of environmental policies and legislation in Zimbabwe.

Avitourism Programme

Supporting the wildlife economy and nature-based solutions through the development of Birding Routes. Birdwatching tourism has significant economic benefits that can translate into increased conservation of key conservation areas as well as benefits to local communities, if implemented with the concept of sustainable development in mind.

Keeping Common Birds Common