SABAP2 – Southern African Bird Atlassing Project 2 – Birding with a Purpose.

Local birders started atlassing for SABAP2 in early 2013. This is a fun way to get involved and have your birding count for conservation, as many will remember from SABAP1! To find out what it is all about click here and see what has been achieved in the region so far. Follow local news on our Facebook page Sabap2 Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has 4883 pentads to cover, a pentad being a ‘square’ covering 5’ latitude by 5’ longitude, and as by early September 2022 we had covered 620 pentads… or 12.7% of the country, so there is still plenty of opportunity to make a significant contribution.

BirdLasser is a great resource that makes atlassing on your smartphone easy. Click here to find out how to participate.

Visit the ADU website above and explore southern African pentads, individual species maps and lists and more.

You may find Google Earth helpful for pinpointing pentads in Zimbabwe. Once you have Google Earth installed download the Zimbabwe pentad Google Earth overlay as a plug-in. When you click on the file Google Earth will open and automatically display the overlay with the files in your temporary places. Save it in “my places” and every time you open Google Earth, Zimbabwe’s pentads will be available to you.