Nature Quest

Activity #18

Plant Safari

Grassy verges and fields can sometimes look a bit boring, but the rains can bring a riot of colour to these places. How many colours can you spot?

Charging along grassland and wetland paths and through fields is a great way to let off steam, but if you slow down and look at the plants around you, you might be surprised how many different types you can see.

Did you know the Flame Lily is the national flower of Zimbabwe? This beautiful, climbing flower with bright red and yellow petals can grow to a height of over 3 metres. 

  • Pencil and notebook to record plants observed
  • Quadrant or a hula-hoop to mark the specific area you want to look in
  • Plant and Flower identification field guides

1. Find a patch of unmown grass or a path with lots of flowers along it. You could mark out different areas using quadrats or hula hoops.

2. Identify as many colours as you can. See who gets all the colours first!

3. If you want to take an extra step. You can even try identifying some of the flowers you spot and be on the way to becoming a botanical boffin.

4. Move your quadrat or hoop and compare areas.

Don’t forget: Make sure to take pictures of the wild flowers you spot. Alternatively you can pick one or two flowers (as long as you know they’re common) and press them in a notebook. Taped down this actually looks really cool, like the journal of a Victorian explorer.

Sites in Harare where you could do this activity: 

  • Mukuvisi Woodlands
  • Haka Park
  • Monavale Vlei

You can do this activity wherever you are. Ask your teacher to help find an area near your school.


 Colors of the Rainbow

Can you collect something to represent each color of the rainbow? Do it in pairs or in groups and see who completes the task first or who does it most convincingly.


Why not do a detailed drawing of some of the stunning flowers that you saw.

Don’t forget to email or send us photos/drawings/writing to or to demonstrate you’ve completed this activity.

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