Nature Quest

Activity #9

Nature Wow!

We think all nature has the ‘wow factor’ but there are some things that are just extra special – welcome to your nature wow!

You don’t need to be a wildlife film maker to see some of Zimbabwe’s most amazing natural spectacles up close and personal. From the spectacular elephants to dazzling sunsets and knockout views – all you need is a little planning and a dash of patience and you’re on your way.

Think big, show us how you got on and take another bold step towards completing your Nature Quest! Go on, be brave and do something new and spectacular!

Did you know? Birds in migration can travel as far as 16,000 miles. The Sedge Warbler weighs 12 grams and travels roughly 2400kms from Europe to Africa.


All you really need is the ability to think BIG! A nature wow is a personal thing but here are some of our nature highlights throughout the year to get you started:

Spring: Red-leaved Musasa and Munondo trees.

Summer: The emergence of fungi, colourful and migrating birds.

Winter: Trees shed their leaves and grasses become dry and brown.


When and where these things happen can be quite specific so before heading out, do some research to find out the best times and places.

Remember to take a camera to capture the moment if you can!


Natural Art

Clear a space on the ground and using all natural materials try and replicate the nature wow! you saw. You could use red, yellow and orange leaves to create a sunset or different coloured petals to form a beautiful bird.


Why not carry out a research project on the nature wow! that you observed. Can you find out more facts and present to the class?

Don’t forget to email or send us photos/drawings/writing to or to demonstrate you’ve completed this activity.

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