Nature Quest

Activity #13

Inspire friends and family

Nature needs our help. We can’t do it alone we need to spread the word, inspire others with how amazing nature is and help them understand what they can do to get involved. Let’s give nature a bigger team!

You could put on a show, make a display, even get in the news. Why not make your friends and family ‘I’m on nature’s side badges’ to wear? How’s about telling the rest of your school through poetry or drama to show your love of nature and why it needs help?

Did you know one of the best ways to inspire people is to “be the change you want to inspire?”


All you really need is the determination and dedication to tell others why nature is great and what needs to be done to give nature a home. Be bold, be positive and speak up!


1. First of all, decide who you want to inspire and how you might spread the word.

2. Think carefully about your message. It needs to be very simple and clear. And it needs a ‘call to action’, which means a simple idea of what people can do.

3. Think about what wildlife or wild places you’d like to talk about. Do you want to tell people to provide food for garden birds, homes for bugs or about the amazing wild flowers in your local wetland? Decide what’s important to you and then with your pen and paper or computer, tablet or mobile phone at the ready, find out what nature needs near you to feed, breed and thrive. The Birdlife Zimbabwe website and Facebook pages are a brilliant start but there’s loads of information out there in books, on websites or even from knowledgeable teachers, family and friends.

4. You’re now ready to tell your story through a picture, story, song or play for the rest of the class. Then go out and persuade others to join nature’s team!


Chinese Whispers

Get all the children to sit in a circle. Choose one child to send an important message round e.g. ‘we must recycle all our plastic bottles today’. They do this by whispering to the child next to them who passes it onto the next one and so on until it comes back to the one who set it off. The final person should say what they’ve heard. Was this the same as the message that set off round the circle or did it get changed along the way?


Could you use the creativity you’ve generated to put on an artistic exhibition, a play for parents or send your stories to local resident’s associations or councillors?

Don’t forget to email or send us photos/drawings/writing to or to demonstrate you’ve completed this activity.

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