Nature Quest

Activity #7

I Spy Wildlife

Everyone can become a nature detective!

Wild creatures live their own lives and aren’t always on show for us to spot. However, look close enough and you’re sure to see evidence of them. From fallen feathers and fur to footprints and poo, there’s loads of evidence for you to work out who’s around.

So grab your magnifying glass, get your eyes peeled and head out on your very own nature hunt.
Have a brilliant time exploring your local patch for signs of wildlife, show us how you got on and take another bold step towards completing your Nature Quest!

Did you know Cheetahs have a black line through the eye to help them focus on high speed objects?


Spotting birds is pretty easy and all you really need is a sharp pair of eyes. However, if you’d like to take a closer look at other wildlife you might find, you’ll need: 


1. Pick your patch, whether it be your school grounds, local wood or open space. You’ll find evidence of wildlife everywhere but wherever you go, please make sure you have permission to be there and that the spot you choose is safe.

2. Move slowly and look all around you – on the ground, in trees and bushes and by the edge of water. Feathers can be an easy find and you’ll be surprised how many different birds you can identify from them. Bury holes and poo are other common clues. Look more closely and you might see footprints in mud, fur snared in spiky bushes or barbed wire or animal pathways made in grass or undergrowth.

3. If you’d like to take a closer look, a sturdy magnifying glass is a good addition to your kit and will let you see the hidden detail in your evidence.


Silent Mice

An owl is chosen from the group. The owl should stand facing a wall or a tree if outside. The mice are lined up about 10 metres away and have to sneak up on the owl without it hearing. If the owl hears anything it turns round quickly and the mice freeze. If the owl sees any movement then it eats that mouse who is out of the game. The first mouse to touch the owl turns into an owl and the game starts again.

The game can be adapted slightly by having the owl blindfolded. If it points at a mouse that has made a noise then that mouse is eaten and out of the game. Having an arbitrator for this is helpful.

Sites in Harare where you could do this activity:

  • Mukuvisi Woodlands
  • Haka Game Park
  • Monavale Vlei
  • Lake Chivero

Ask your teacher for suitable areas close to where you live.


Do this activity again in a different habitat – can you spot evidence for different wildlife here?

Don’t forget to email or send us photos/drawings/writing to or to demonstrate you’ve completed this activity.

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