Nature Quest

Activity #21


One of the best ways you can help nature is to fundraise for a conservation initiative.

At Birdlife Zimbabwe we are working hard to protect wetlands which are an important habitat for people and wildlife. They are one of the world’s most productive ecosystems and Zimbabwe is losing these fragile habitats at an alarming rate.

To help Birdlife Zimbabwe protect the wetlands from illegal developments and pollution you can start a fundraising initiative right now!

Did you know
the oldest recorded fundraising appeal was written by St Paul around A.D 55?

  • All you need is an entrepreneurial spirit and some good ideas
  • Fundraising box promoting Birdlife Zimbabwe

1. Come up with an idea that will help you fundraise. What are your talents – perhaps you’re a great athlete, a skilled artist or a fantastic cook? Could you organise a sponsored event, sell popcorn or set up a stall to sell crafts you’ve made?

2. Figure out the best way to collect the money. Setting up accounts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are really good ways to explain your story and makes donating super easy for your supporters if you’re getting sponsored. But there’s nothing wrong with collecting money in a box.

3. Make sure your teacher then arranges to donate the funds raised to Birdlife Zimbabwe so we can save the precious wetlands! Thank you!


Find out where your nearest wetland is. How has it changed in recent years? Can you think of things you could do to protect it in the future?

Don’t forget to email or send us photos/drawings/writing to or to demonstrate you’ve completed this activity.

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