BirdLife Zimbabwe was founded in 1951 as the Rhodesian Ornithological Society (ROS) and became a full member in BirdLife International (BLI) in April 2002. BLI is a global partnership of 120 membership-based organisations that have a common interest in the conservation of birds and biodiversity. Our UK partner, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) assists us with core funding.

Our fundamental purpose is to promote the survival of bird life in Zimbabwe and elsewhere for its intrinsic value and the enjoyment of future generations. Our strategic objectives are centered on species, sites/habitats, people and sustainability.

BirdLife Zimbabwe own their headquarters based in Harare thanks to a generous donation from our partner in the Netherlands, Vogelbescherming Nederland. The BLZ Council is responsible for the smooth running of the organisation and holds regular meetings. Outings, evening meetings, surveys and citizen science projects are organised by the branches. Conservation donor funded projects are undertaken by the staff.

Contact Us

BirdLife Zimbabwe physical location:
35 Clyde Road, Eastlea, HARARE, ZIMBABWE

Tel: (+263-4) 481496/490208