Serious Vulture crisis in southern Africa!

Zimbabwe and Parks Management Authority and BirdLife Zimbabwe organised a Vulture Action Planning Workshop at the Rainbow Towers, Harare on the 26th and 27th of March 2015Click here to see Vulture Awareness video.

As if it is not bad enough that India has suffered a catastrophic decline of its vulture population due to the use of the drug diclofenac, Africa is currently beset with a similar problem, if from different causes, chiefly poaching and poisoning of carcasses.

This must not be looked at as a remote problem concerning only bird watchers – the implications for health issues and the spread of disease into the animal and human populations, uncontrolled by the removal of carcasses by vultures, are serious indeed.

There has been a recent incident of poaching and poisoning of vultures in Gonarezhou and Hwange National Parks. Regionally, we are all working towards solutions ... Birdlife Zimbabwe and Frankfurt Zoological Society, in conjunction with National Parks, Clive Stockil and Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve are working together, and at present there is a survey beginning, of existing Lappet-faced Vultures nests in Gonarezhou (Lin Barrie).

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