CMS Blue Swallow Conservation in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe

The Blue Swallow Hirundo atrocaerulea is an intra-African migrant, migrating between east, central and southern Africa. The bird is endemic to Africa. In Zimbabwe the Blue Swallows come to the Eastern Highlands and they breed and forage in the high altitude wet grasslands which spread from Nyanga to Chipinge. The birds arrive in September and leave in April. The Eastern Highlands is irreplaceable in that it provides the wet montane grassland needed by the birds to survive and breed. Zimbabwe is important to the survival of this species as it supports up to 25% of the global population.

Current efforts in Blue Swallow Conservation
• Establishing the current population and distribution of Blue Swallows. This is a joint effort with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.
• Raise awareness of the Blue Swallow Conservation. Posters have been produced and distributed to various offices for display and information
• Increase the capacity of protected areas staff to monitor and collect data on Blue Swallows.

Currently Blue Swallow conservation is supported by a grant from the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS). For more information contact Fadzai Matsvimbo at