The Selous area

of Mashonaland comprises highveld miombo, small rivers and dam habitats and being at a lower altitude to Harare, includes belts of mopane and acacia woodlands on clay soils. This gives you a good chance of finding Racquet-tailed Roller, Purple Roller, Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill, Ashy Tit, Arnot's Chat and Bearded Scrub-robin. The area is excellent for raptors including the Martial Eagle. Various falcons and harriers have been recorded, such as the Pallid Harrier and Lanner Falcon. The African Finfoot, Greater Painted-snipe and various miombo birds are also in the area. Please see the Pamuzinda Bird List for an idea of which species have been recorded.

Ngezi Recreational Park, of 6,326 hectares, includes a large dam and is operated by National Parks. Boating and Canoeing are popular activities in the park. The Ngezi Recreational Park offers fully equipped Lodges and Camping facilities.

Pamuzinda and Chengeta Lodges operated by Dunhu Ramambo offer a luxury experience and guided bush walks.