Surveys & Reports
2016 Big Birding Day (26-27 November 2016) Report can be downloaded here.
The Hand and Foot of Man in the Inyanga Highlands article can be downloaded here.
2015 Big Birding Day (28-29 November 2015) Report can be downloaded here.
2014 Big Birding Day held on 29-30 Nov 2014. Click here for report.

Special Species Survey

This survey focuses on a number of selected bird species. We believe that the survey is becoming more important because birds numbers in their areas of distribution have undergone adverse change in recent years. Click here for more and list of special species and here for the special species form.

African Waterfowl Census January & July 2016

The African Waterfowl Census is an extension of the International Waterfowl Census, co-ordinated by the International Wildfowl and Wetlands Bureau. Zimbabwe has taken part since 1992, and it was decided Africa-wide, that we would count in January and July of every year. The 50th  and 51st counts of the International Waterbird Census (IWC) will be conducted In January and July 2016. Please contact Ian Riddell, on if you have any queries. Click here for more information.

Click here to download Windows 7 count form and the Windows97 count form and Why count birds?

Zamsoc Matusadona Escarpment Survey 8-12 August 2014

The Zambezi Society, in conjunction with National Parks, organised a survey over the Matusadona Escarpment. Teams were deployed in different areas of the Park and asked to cover their areas on foot collecting info on biodiversity etc. BirdLife Zimbabwe members Damian Newmarch, and Ian Riddell took part in the exercise as did BLZ Conservation Officer Innocent Magunje. See the report attached from the BirdLife team comprising Innocent, Damian and Carl Wilson.